Figure 2: Sensitive and specific prion seeding activity from organotypic slice cultures on RT QuIC assay.(A) Slice cultures from WT mice (C57BL/6 background) efficiently seed the RT QuIC assay. Representative RT QuIC responses shown for the reactions seeded with 5ng of WT homogenates from either NBH or RML scrapie infected slice cultures (21 dpi) or brain homogenates from mock or terminally infected scrapie mice. Uninfected samples did not show seeding activity and stayed at the baseline throughout the reaction.

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Brochendorff is accused of stealing $196,768 worth of items from a former friend who has homes in New York City and Kent, Conn., according to a written Connecticut State Police summary of the incident. In 2000, Brochendorff offered to let the friend store the items at Brochendorff then home in Salisbury, Conn. Police say the friend was unable to get Brochendorff to return the items when she later asked for them back..

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Stephens Road for a report of One Shot. Officers located William Hall, 62, lying on the side of the road suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. Mobile Fire Rescue responded and transported Hall to a local hospital where he was later succumbed to his injuries.

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Life Coaching is about helping people in need to improve the quality of their lives. Surely, life coaches need to charge for their knowledge and services, but the rates seem to get more and more outrageous every year. Thus, many people are left out of the happiness equation simply due to lack of finances.

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I ordered the spaghetti carbonara the best! My sister admitted her first real tiramisu she’s ever ordered was here. I was wrong to think that my favorite dining experiences will only come about on my trips to Paris. As an admirer of pasta, it’s challenging to live in carb free Los Angeles.

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